Partner Information

Short bio about your organization?

Balletto di Roma is a dance training and production center that welcomes students coming from all over Italy, but not only, and ensures that they will follow an academic path of professional level. The Balletto di Roma Company has always promoted the production and diffusion of the Italian “auteur” dance in Europe and in the world, with a repertoire focused nowadays on innovation and research, though maintaining a strong attention to the history and tradition that have made it well-known. For the path undertaken in the three-years 2018-2020, the General Manager Luciano Carratoni has brought a significant generational change at the top of the structure by appointing to the Artistic Direction Francesca Magnini, who has reinforced the schemes and expanded the internationalization goals of Balletto di Roma involving many institutions, active in an important process of growth that sees the structure celebrate in 2020 its first 60 years of artistic life.

What motivates you to be part of the project?

The need for comparison with European partners.

How the project can contribute to your local activities?

CLASH! project can increase credibility and opportunities for Balletto di Roma and other partners.

How Clash! can contribute for the international partnerships?

CLASH! can create a lot of international opportunities and partnerships, full of visionary management
distribution and exchange of inspirations useful for dance.


Because it is an onomatopoeic word that suggests the sense of collision between two styles, stories and dance aesthetics.

Interesting story from your last Clash trip in Rome?

I’m in Roma, so it was however a pleasure to meet and get to know the representatives of our partners.