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Sapienza will participate with the Department of Art History and Performing Arts (DSAS) – School of Literature and Philosophy, that is organized in two fields of studies: Performing Arts and History of Art. The curriculum of studies in Performing Arts is coordinated by Prof. Vito Di Bernardi. DSAS organizes two classes of graduation in Performance Studies: Arts and Sciences of Performance and Theatre, Cinema, Dance and Digital Arts. The program has four courses in Dance Studies: History of Dance; Research on Dance; Digital Choreography; Dance in Asia. DSAS manages also the post-graduation classes in Digital Technologies for Dance, Livestreaming Multicamera for Performance, and a PhD course in Performing Arts. Part of DSAS are: LABS (Audiovisual Laboratory for Performance), Video Archive of Performance (which count more the 3000 video); the Library of Performance (with more than 25.000 papers on the subject). DSAS is also related to Teatro Ateneo, the theatre of La Sapienza.