The idea of CLASH! project was born from the explicit will of 4 prestigious European dance companies (420 People, Balletto di Roma, Companhia de Danca De Almada, Derida Dance Centre for Art Link Foundation, Polish Dance Theatre) and Università La Sapienza di Roma, to investigate the deep meaning of “new codes” of dance (modern/contemporary) spreading in Europe in the last 10 years for the purpose of reflecting on how new teaching methods and artistic choices are affecting new production strategies. In fact, the profound changes occurred in the system of contemporary dance in the last 20 years can be considered a “revolution” that still affects the entire world of dance.  In this perspective, the following guidelines represent a tool that dance companies can adopt if they are aiming at differentiating their offer and developing contemporary dance training programs or productions.

These guidelines have been realized according to the lessons and the best practices learned during four laboratories held in partners’ countries with the purpose of identifying common needs and requirements of professionals, technicians, and dancers when it comes to embracing the contemporary dance philosophy. In each laboratory, different fundamental topics have been discussed:

  • Common language and definition
  • Audience development
  • Dancers’ Training
  • Marketing and Communication

You can download and read the full guidelines here:

Photo credit: Photo-corpus (Bulgaria)