CLASH! Festival – Day 3 – Hybrid Training for Today’s Dancers & New Training Path Strategies

Day 3 | 10th of December – Curated by Balletto di Roma (Italy)

– Hybrid Training for Today’s Dancers & New Training Path Strategies. Balletto di Roma will discuss with its guests about essential elements of contemporary dance classes reflecting on different technical structures and movement systems. Through building up of a hybrid dance class model, Balletto di Roma wants to suggest a new interpretation of the dance training. This is meant to be functional from the point of view of the physical-muscular conditioning but also from the somatic and/or body-mind approach. It follows a method able to integrate principles relating to the breath and the emotional expressive flow, that can be applied by different groups and target participants. To focus on developing such a dance class model – which involves different technical structures and movement systems, not only those ones coming from the academic dance – means imagining dance as a holistic discipline where different techniques and approaches melt in order to give the dancers more options for training, movement development, and personal creativity.

– Presentation of the Festival day by Luciano Carratoni (general manager of Balletto di Roma) and Francesca Magnini (artistic director of Balletto di Roma).
– Round Table: “Clashing Training Paths – BdR Choreographers’ Visions and Perspectives”. In a dialogue moderated by Francesca Magnini (artistic director of Balletto di Roma), Valerio Longo and Andrea Costanzo Martini (international choreographers already collaborating with Balletto di Roma) will share their perspectives and experiences on different training approaches experimented in the project.
– Workshop: “New training Paths Acquired”.
Moderated by Francesca Magnini, the workshop on new training paths of the choreographer Valerio Longo will put in dialogue Balletto di Roma’s production and training experiences with experts from Italy – Adriana Borriello (Da.Re) – and other countries – Suzan Tunca (International Choreographic Arts Centre – ICK Amsterdam). Speakers will also share the experience of the UP2DANCE project, co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
– Screendance Performance by Balletto di Roma: [dis]solution.
A physical exchange amongst partners, this is the way Balletto di Roma and Polski Teatr Tanca have decided to interpret the CLASH! challenge. Three dancers/choreographers from Polski Teatr Tanca came to Rome to create a piece for three dancers of Balletto di Roma, testing movement research based on improvisation and producing confrontation between individuality and a group. The double residency (IT-PL) produced a shared platform for everyone involved to learn from each other and inspire. The keyword of the whole action has been “exchange”: exchange of ideas, best practices, and solutions.
Credits. Choreography: Agnieszka Jachym, Jerzy Kaźmierczak and Zbigniew Kocięba in cooperation with dancers of Balletto di Roma – Assistant: Roberta De Simone – Dancers: Giulia Strambini, Michele Ruggiero, Lorenzo Castelletta – Video: Matteo Carratoni – Lights: Emanuele de Maria.
– Q&A Session

Supporting institutions:
– Centro Ceco di Roma
In cooperation with:
– UP2DANCE project, co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union


10 December 2020


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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  • Date: 10 December 2020
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