Derida Dance Center is holding workshop and seminar on the topic: Clash! on dance practices as an opportunity for enriching the personal movement vocabulary.

Through several dance styles and movement practices, all participants will examine the opportunities to create new forms outside their comfort zone and known movement concepts. The experiment will lead to a new approach for enriching their dance vocabulary.

The seminar will conclude with a discussion between the participants who shall share more about their experience during the workshop and its results, and how they can implement in the future the learned material in their movement.


👉 Jivko Jeliazkov – Contemporary Dance
👉 Maria Gezenchova – Classical Ballet
👉 Emilia Zankina – Bulgarian Folk Dance
👉 Viktoriya Sirakova – Pilates


10:30 h – Classical Ballet
11:15 h – Pilates
12:30 h – Lunch break
13:00 h – Bulgarian Folk Dance
13:45 h – Contemporary Dance
15:00 h – Discussion
*The program is subject to change.

The event is open to dancers, actors, architects, musicians, visual artists and art enthusiasts!

The Clash! Project aims to explore the clash between the familiar and the different, the routine and the unusual, the classical and the contemporary. Six European organizations from Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Poland and the Czech Republic take part in the project. Following discussion panels, dance workshops and research workshops in all partners’ countries, an overall assessment will be prepared to help develop new strategies in training and training methods and to develop new audiences.

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