As part of the CLASH! project, supported by the Creative Europe program, in which the Companhia

de Dança de Almada will participate during the next two years, a laboratory dedicated to the

research and discussion on dance training questions and methods will be held in Almada, on the 26th and 27th of April, 2019, in the venues of Companhia de Dança de Almada and Forum Municipal Romeu Correia, in Almada.

The laboratory will include practical workshops and theoretical debates, with the participation of

dance professionals from the partner companies: Balleto di Roma (Italy), Polish Dance Theater

(Poland), 420 People Dance (Czech Republic), Derida Dance Center (Bulgaria), Companhia de Dança

de Almada (Portugal) and Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy). The different sessions, in part open to the local dance community, aim at deepening the reflection on questions related to the training of the dancer and strength the connection between all the participant institutions.

The CLASH! project, coordinated by Balleto di Roma, aims to study the state of the art in Europe

regarding the encounter between classical and contemporary dance in the different sectors

concerned with aesthetic and artistic issues, training of dancers, public development and

management of dance companies. This study, which will include seminars and public meetings with cultural actors active in these areas, will be developed especially during 2019, followed by a year of artistic creation and presentation of shows in the different countries involved.