Through the 4 workshops held, partners have acquired new competences on different themes, amongst which dancers’ training, audience development, marketing, and communication.
The professional empowerment strategy envisages ways partners can share the knowledge acquired:
• inside their organization, with the different departments and staff members;
• externally, with stakeholders interested in sharing experiences, competencies and planning further common actions.
The aim is to internally share the best practices acquired and to reflect on which actions/activities to enroll in their usual practice, to be implemented during the CLASH! Project, and to set the basis for further development with selected stakeholders.
It is foreseen that partners will run the professional empowerment strategy within August and November 2019: they will run:
• one or more internal seminars tackling the 3 themes (dancers’ training, audience development, marketing, and communication);
• one or more external seminars, tackling at least one theme between dancers’ training or marketing and communication (being audience development part of an ongoing activity since autumn 2019 to the Festival).

The Professional Empowerment Strategy has been produced by Sapienza University of Rome (Italy).

The document is available online here.