The Second Laboratory will discuss important questions on audience development activities.

After the lab conducted in February in Rome, Italy, there came the time for the
AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT LABORATORY in Prague, CZECH Republic from April 2 to April 4, 2019.

The laboratory would consist of audience development activities that were designed to respond to some very important questions:
• How a performance is viewed, witnessed and experienced?
• What in the performance could be changed in order to differ audience`s experience?
• How could the audience engage and become an active participant in the creation process?
• Is it possible to redefine the theatre to a place of dialogue between audience and performance?
During the first day of the Audience development laboratory there would be conducted a WORKSHOP
with Vaclav Kunes at La Fabrika Theatre and then the activities would proceed with THE WATCHER –
show by 420PEOPLE and an open public discussion.
As very important part of the laboratory, lecture on Audience development would be given by Bára
Kociánová and Petra Kašparová.

The best practices in audience development activities would be presented by all partner organizations:
• Sapienza Universitá di Roma by Letizia Gioia Monda
• Derida Dance Center by Atanas Maev
• Companhia de Dansa de Almada by Carlota Machado and Maria João Lopes
• Polish Dance Theater by Ewelina Chatlas and Anna Koczorowska
• Balletto di Roma by Corrado Russo
• 420PEOPLE by Petra Kašparová and Aneta Jochimová

There would be created questionnaires that would be used in the research of Audience development
and would be the base on which the partners would build and develop an Audience Development
Strategy aimed at bringing the public closer to contemporary dance and engaging a larger number of
targeted audiences.