Preparation of the screendance performance “ORĪGĪ” by 420PEOPLE! In November we will share the official photos of the filming!

Choreography & Art director: Václav Kuneš
Dancers: Francesca Amante & Fanny Barrouquère & Simona Machovičová
Director & Camera: Tomáš Vlček
Lights & AC & Grip & Script: Radim Krumpolc, Jan Faukner, David Borovský
Backstage video & interview: Pavel Marek
Music: Jan Šikl & Zabelov Group
Production & Management: Aneta Jochim, Alžběta Málková, Magdaléna Řehořová, Marta Lajnerová
Styling: Olo Křížová
Location: Studio MAISELOVKA, Prague

Theme of the film is based on the primordial essence of humanity and the body itself, specifically on what we know where we come from – whether geographically, ideologically or sociologically. After meeting something new, we look for a way to adapt (to learn how to adapt). The adaptation is the basic theme of the film. The plot in the film brings together three dancers (three girls) who have their personal (basic) movement and dance style. Imagine a ballerina (classic ballet), a musical dancer (the broadway style) and a martial arts representative (contemporary dance). These three dancers and their diverse styles meet at one point, and the only possible way in which they can work together and communicate is to “adapt to each other”. Thanks to the initial duel (clash!) between the dancers, the new (fourth) style will be created, which will be the only means of communication. The storyline results in the main and best means of communication being our own body. The body is the best technology, the body is the only possible true aspect.

Film ORĪGĪ is part of Project Clash – when classic and contemporary dance collide and new forms emerge (Grant Agreement n° 2018 – 2032 /001 – 001, co-founded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.)